Cute Teen Masturbates in Wet See Through Panties

I like girls that have this look. It is that look which says, yeah I don’t look like a porn star, and I am all girlie and cute, but when you get to know me, you better watch out, cos I am just nasty and naughty. She has that aura of innocent sexuality about her. And the fact that she is here wearing wet, see through, white panties and of course those prominent pussy lips of hers, which are visible through her panties does help in giving her that “good girl gone bad”, naughty teen look.

She really enjoys herself in this little scene which starts off with this cutie in wet panties. She then proceeds to pull her panties aside and show us her pussy with her prominent, large, pussy lips. After which she proceeds to pull open her pussy, finger herself and rub her pussy. All through this, she keeps her panties on. They are pulled aside to give her access to that sweet, shaved pussy of hers.

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Teen masturbating in wet, see through panties

Her name is Guinevere(King Arthur should be so lucky) and she is from the site Now, Ron Harris is a well known erotic photographer that has been in the business for a long time. Ron’s reputation is such, that none other than Hugh Hefner from Playboy has referred to Ron Harris as the “king of erotica”. High praise indeed, from a man who knows a thing or two about taking pictures of naked women.

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