Sarah Palin Upskirts and Sarah Palin White Thong Panties

It looks like some of you MILF hunters out there have a thing for Sarah Palin the VP candidate and searching for Sarah Palin upskirt pictures and photos of Sarah Palin in her panties. Now, in order to help you guys out, I have been scouring google for Sarah Palin upskirts and trying to find out if there are panty slips or voyeur pictures of Sarah Palin in her panties. But, I am disappointed to inform you guys that I have not found anything out there. Sure there are a lot of Sarah Palin fakes and photoshopped pictures of Sarah Palin having sex and flashing her panties, but there do not seem to be any authentic Sarah Palin upskirt photos anywhere to be found! The closest I have come to finding any Sarah Palin uspskirts are shots like these, of her legs in high heel shoes. These seem to have been labeled “Sarah Palin Upskirts” by the media and their is some controversy about these types of pictures being sexist. Honestly, I dont see what the fuss is about. It is a picture taken through Sarah Palin’s legs, not up her skirt. So, I am not sure why this is called a Sarah Palin upskirt!

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Actually what I find the most amusing about this picture is the looks on the faces of the two guys in the front row wearing pink(?!) McCain/Palin t-shirts! It is almost like their eyes are popping out of their heads as they look up at Sarah Palin in rapt admiration! Now, I am just wondering, maybe it is these two guys that managed to get a look up Sarah Palin’s skirt? And that is why this is called a Sarah Palin upskirt picture? Who knows?! LOL.

Now as for Sarah Palin’s panties, there does not seem to any information out there either about what kind of panties Sarah Palin wears. After all, she did go on that $150,000 shopping spree, so she must have gotten some high class undies to wear under those $10K skirts. Wearing panties from Wal-Mart while you have on an Italian designer skirt and jacket is not exactly the height of fashion. So, is she wearing La Perla or some other fancy European brand? No idea. But a search for Sarah Palin’s panties does bring up this thong with a picture of Sarah Palin on it. Not exactly what you are looking for, I am sure, but that is all that I came up with.

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So, if you really want Sarah Palin panties, along with some pussy juice, have a wife or girlfriend or favourite escort wear those Sarah Palin Panties for you while you eat her pussy through her panties.

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