Michelle Demonstrates a Panty Job

Imagine a girl comes over to you, wearing nothing but pair of soft, cotton panties or maybe some see through bikini panties and sits in your lip. She proceeds to unzip your pants, takes out your hard cock and rubs it against the soft crotch of her panties. She grinds her panty covered pussy lips up and down the shaft of your hard dick. Just when you think you can’t take it anymore, she pulls her panties aside, inserts your throbbing penis inside her panties and proceeds to rub her naked, shaved pussy and cum soaked panties against you till you explode, shooting your hot cum all over the inside of her panties. THAT is called a Panty Job! And wouldn’t you know it, is a site where EVERY scene is similar to what I just described.

Click on the picture to see Michelle give a Panty Job

I KNOW you WANT, no, you NEED a Panty Job right NOW!

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