Asian Schoolgirl Subway Panty Upskirt Peek


The Japanese do the best damn, panty upskirts and closeups I have ever seen. This is a little fantasy upskirt scenario of an Asian teen schoolgirl played by Rika Kijima of Idols69. She is in the subway, wearing her short schoolgirl plaid skirt, on her way home from her classes. This shy teen is wearing a short skirt that really shows off her long legs and firm round ass. I don’t know how many times I have seen girls like this in the subway and fantasized about looking up their skirts to see their tiny panties.

Our Asian teen must know what I am thinking, because she gives us a close up view up her short skirt of her beautiful white thong covering her shaved teen pussy. The satin thong covering her pussy lips and sweet asshole is a breathtaking sight. Yes, I want to drop down on my knees between her legs and press my face on her panty covered crotch, inhaling the sweet scents of her teen pussy. I am sure flashing her panties and having her firm, round ass groped in the subway must be turning her on. The inside of her panties must be soaked with her dripping pussy juices.

Asian Teen in Black Open Crotch Panties


Being the equal opportunity panty hunter that I am, not to mention that I absolutely love pictures of girls in open crotch panties, today I bring you Benz Sarawesdee, an Asian teen cutie with a nice, hairy pussy wearing a pair of black, lace open crotch panties. If you are not into girls with hairy bushes, just move along to the next post, there are plenty of shaved pussies on here to keep you happy. This one is for guys who are into Asian teen girls with hairy pussies. Actually, if you look closely she doesn’t have that much of a hair bush at all. It is only her pussy mound that she has left unshaved. Her pussy lips have been shaved quite nicely. So, if you are thinking of going in for some pussy licking, you don’t have to worry about getting pubes stuck in your mouth. I know Asian girls aren’t every guy’s cup of tea, but I have to say I I quite like their demure expressions, not to mention their slim, firm bodies.

Asian Teen Showing off Her Pussy in Open Crotch Panties

Video of Japanese Schoolgirl Selling Her Worn Panties

Do you have a fetish for worn schoolgirl panties? First of all, you are sick! Sick, I tell you. And second, you will be right at home in Japan. I had made a post some time ago about Burusera and the Japanese fetish for schoolgirl outfits and schoolgirl panties. But, that earlier post was in relation to the panty vending machines that were quite popular in Japan a while ago. That practice seems to have been stopped, but the Japanese demand for dirty, worn schoolgirl panties has not waned. What to do? The Japanese schoolgirls still need cash to buy those latest cellphones and the guys need their worn panties fix.

This “documentary” video shows that schoolgirl panties are being in sold in what could best be described as “lingerie shops”. The video is taken in a store that is full of all all kinds of panties, mostly they seem to be the bikini type cotton panties. It doesn’t look like Japanese schoolgirls are into wearing thongs. This panty/lingerie store is no Victoria’s Secrets, that is for sure. On a side note, can you imagine if that happened here and they sold worn schoolgirl panties at the Victoria’s Secret store in your local mall?! Now that is a great business idea for a slowing economy! Anyway, this is where the video gets interesting.  This girl in a schoolgirl outfit gets down on the floor, we get an upskirt flash of her white cotton panties, she takes off her striped, white cotton panties and just hands them to the guy at the counter, who gives her cash in return for her worn panties! Now, you won’t believe the next part. The guy in the store puts the worn panties in a ziploc bag, puts the bag, and a picture of the girl in a tin can. Yes, I said tin can. He then goes to this device and seals the tin can shut! I love it! Asian panty lovers, watch this video!

After watching this video, you might have gotten in the mood for some Asian schoolgirl panties. Luckily, I have just the place to give you some Asian panty fix over at This should give you a taste of Asian schoolgirls in panties while you save up for that trip to Japan. Hmm.. on the other hand, I probably shouldn’t have said ‘taste of panties”.. LOL.