Russian Teen in Cotton Panties


Seeing as we are already talking about girls pulling their panties aside, I thought I would throw another one in to the mix. Here we have a blonde Russian teen, name unknown, probably Nastya (aren’t they all called that?), getting a little excited, as she spreads those perfect thighs open and shows off a pair of cotton bikini panties, which she then pulls to one side to give us a glimpse of her smooth, pink, shaved pussy. Hiding right behind that wet, panty crotch is her tight, little asshole.

Before we know it, Grace, which as I find out is the name has given her, has those candystripe panties pulled down to her ankles and two fingers jammed right inside that delicious teen pussy of hers.

Tight Cotton Panties Cameltoe Upskirt Lesbians


If you are a panty lover, and I am guessing you are, then this lesbian duet in the park will tick a lot of boxes. Let us see, where do I even begin. I will start with the obvious, which is the upskirts in the park. Here we have not just one upskirt, but two for the price of one. Of course it helps immensely that they are both hot, little blondes, with the one on the right even going for the whole pigtails look. Incidentally, the blonde lesbian in panties on the right seems to the aggressor in this scenario. Look how she not only has her skirt unbuttoned and all the way up, she even has her top off, even though we can’t see her breasts in this picture. They are both wearing tight, cotton panties, with the one on the left in a white thong and her girlfriend in pink bikini panties.

Then, last but not least, as though, lesbian upskirts in tight cotton panties was not enough for you blow your wad, we have cameltoe! Damn, the lesbian in pink bikinis has her panty crotch going right up between her pussy lips, what I am sure are wet pussy lips, to form a nice little cameltoe. She is telling her girlfriend to rub her cameltoe through the soft cotton fabric. I am betting that if we pulled their panties aside and checked their crotches, the one on the left would have the juicier panties. I can almost smell her creamy girl juice soaked panty crotch from here.

Video of Japanese Schoolgirl Selling Her Worn Panties

Do you have a fetish for worn schoolgirl panties? First of all, you are sick! Sick, I tell you. And second, you will be right at home in Japan. I had made a post some time ago about Burusera and the Japanese fetish for schoolgirl outfits and schoolgirl panties. But, that earlier post was in relation to the panty vending machines that were quite popular in Japan a while ago. That practice seems to have been stopped, but the Japanese demand for dirty, worn schoolgirl panties has not waned. What to do? The Japanese schoolgirls still need cash to buy those latest cellphones and the guys need their worn panties fix.

This “documentary” video shows that schoolgirl panties are being in sold in what could best be described as “lingerie shops”. The video is taken in a store that is full of all all kinds of panties, mostly they seem to be the bikini type cotton panties. It doesn’t look like Japanese schoolgirls are into wearing thongs. This panty/lingerie store is no Victoria’s Secrets, that is for sure. On a side note, can you imagine if that happened here and they sold worn schoolgirl panties at the Victoria’s Secret store in your local mall?! Now that is a great business idea for a slowing economy! Anyway, this is where the video gets interesting.  This girl in a schoolgirl outfit gets down on the floor, we get an upskirt flash of her white cotton panties, she takes off her striped, white cotton panties and just hands them to the guy at the counter, who gives her cash in return for her worn panties! Now, you won’t believe the next part. The guy in the store puts the worn panties in a ziploc bag, puts the bag, and a picture of the girl in a tin can. Yes, I said tin can. He then goes to this device and seals the tin can shut! I love it! Asian panty lovers, watch this video!

After watching this video, you might have gotten in the mood for some Asian schoolgirl panties. Luckily, I have just the place to give you some Asian panty fix over at This should give you a taste of Asian schoolgirls in panties while you save up for that trip to Japan. Hmm.. on the other hand, I probably shouldn’t have said ‘taste of panties”.. LOL.

Isabelle’s Round Teen Ass in Tight White Cotton Panties

Who can resist an ass in white cotton panties? That too, a perfect round teen ass in pair of lace, bikini brief panties. And as that is not enough, Isabelle is bending over for us and presenting that panty ass to us right in our faces. I am a sucker for panty asses. As nice as girl’s ass looks in a thong, I do like seeing asses in tight panties stretched across firm round butt cheeks. Then there is the comfort factor. I would much rather rub my dick up in between an ass covered in white cotton panties than a thong or g-string. While a thong or g-string looks good and it is very enjoyable licking and eating some ass and pussy through thongs, when it comes down to rubbing, an ass covered in a pair of soft, cotton panties is the clear winner.

Teen Ass in White Cotton Panties

Teen Ass in White Cotton Panties

More of Isabelle’s Round Teen Ass in White Cotton Panties is HERE!

Round Teen Ass in White VS Cotton Panties

Our favourite teen from, Nicole is showing off her cute, white Victorias Secret cotton thong panties from their Pink collection. Maybe she got a whole bunch of new Victorias Secret panties from Christmas and she is trying each one on for us. One thing we do know about Nicole is that she loves tight panties, specially tight Victorias Secret panties. And that is what we love about Nicole. We love that she likes to show off that perfect, round ass of hers in the cutest Victorias Secret panties. She seems to have quite a collection of VS bikini panties and thongs. Here she is in black, cotton VS panties and in this great shot she is showing off her ass in some tight pink cotton panties. Mostly she wears tight bikini panties that stretch across her teen ass, but today she is wearing a cute, white cotton thong. What ever panties she decides to wear, that panty ass of her looks absolutely delicious.

Click on the picture to see Nicole in her panties!

Sexy Teen in White Cotton Panties

Sexy Teen in White Cotton Panties

More of Nicole in Her White Cotton VS Panties HERE!

18 Year Old Blonde Teen Leah in White See Through Panties

I love these see through panties that seem to be quite popular these days. I was at La Senza the other day and I saw a pair from their new PussyCat Dolls collection. They were so damn sexy, black bikini panties with a lacy see through back. So, of course, I decided that I wanted to see more pictures of girls in see through panties. Here is one that I found that got me instantly hard. A hot, blonde cheerleader type babe in see through panties. She is 18 years old, goes by the name of Leah, with perfect breasts and full, pouty lips. Seeing pictures of this teen hottie in white see through panties has me reaching for my dick. I am going to be a little naughty here and show you the front view of this blonde in see through panties. You can make out her pussy lips through her see through panties. To see her fabulous round teen ass in see through panties, click on the picture and check out the gallery. What you will see will not disapppoint. This girl is instant hard on material.  Her shaved pussy mound looks delicious through those panties.

Naughty Schoolgirl Lifts Up Her Skirt and Flashes her White Panties

This is Victoria Sweet. Except that other than her name she is not that sweet at all. In fact, she is rather naughty. And that is just fine because we just love it when schoolgirls go bad, lift up their short plaid skirts and flash their sexy, white cotton panties for us. And that is exactly what Victoria Sweet is doing. She starts off looking very innocent in a black and white plaid skirt, black heels and black top. But then when she sits down on the chairs she decides that she wants to be an exhibhitionist and she lifts up her skirt to show us her white, lace g-string thong. She even pulls the panties up between her pussy, so the string of the panties is flossing her sweet shaved teen pussy. She then lifts up her legs and gives us this beautiful view of the panty string up between her sweet teen ass and the white cotton crotch of her panties barely covering those shaved teen pussy lips.

Watch Victoria Sweet Flash Her Tiny G-String Panties and Show You Up her Skirt.

Michelle Demonstrates a Panty Job

Imagine a girl comes over to you, wearing nothing but pair of soft, cotton panties or maybe some see through bikini panties and sits in your lip. She proceeds to unzip your pants, takes out your hard cock and rubs it against the soft crotch of her panties. She grinds her panty covered pussy lips up and down the shaft of your hard dick. Just when you think you can’t take it anymore, she pulls her panties aside, inserts your throbbing penis inside her panties and proceeds to rub her naked, shaved pussy and cum soaked panties against you till you explode, shooting your hot cum all over the inside of her panties. THAT is called a Panty Job! And wouldn’t you know it, is a site where EVERY scene is similar to what I just described.

Click on the picture to see Michelle give a Panty Job

I KNOW you WANT, no, you NEED a Panty Job right NOW!

Office Cutie Upskirt – Sitting on Desk Flashing her Panties

Office Girl Panties, Upskirt, White Panties, Thong, Secretary Upskirt 

Ever since I have started working in an office, I have had fantasies about office girls’ panties. Every office has them, the cute twenty something office secretaries or personal assistants or whatever the hell the politically correct term is for them these days. They come to work in their tight skirts, thigh high stockings and high heels and sit around on their desk gossiping and talking about their weekends and what guy they are fucking. Being the pervert that I am, I always try to get a look up their skirts to see what kind of panties they are wearing. There is one office cutie, I will call her Julie, who always wears shorts skirts to work. Even in the dead of winter. And here is the kicker, she KNOWS that I love catching upskirt views of her and checking out her panties. We have an unspoken agreement of sorts. From where I sit, I can see her desk. In the afternoons, she sits on her desk and chats on the phone, while on the phone, she always keeps her legs slightly apart. Just enough so that I can get a good look up her skirt and see her panties. She has a huge panty collection. Everything from pink booty shorts to black thongs to tiny g-strings that barely cover her pussy mound. She doesn’t do anything. She just sits on her desk, with her legs slightly open, knowing that I staring at her legs, up her skirt and right at her panty covered crotch. Why does she does it? I don’t know. I can only assume that she is somewhat of an exhibhitionist and gets turned on by flashing her panties. So, when I saw this awesome set of the very sexy Karla Spice sitting on her desk and flashing her panties, I immediately thought of Julie. The short skirt, long tanned legs and tiny little panties! I thought that same thing I do when I look at Julie every day, I want to spread her beautiful legs wide open and bury my face in her soft, fragrant panties.

Check out Karla Spice the naughty Office Assistant flashing Her panties HERE.

Jassie Models Panties in Her Panty Drawer

Alright fellow panty hunters, I know you guys are going to love me for this awesome panty scene from that will really knock your socks off! This scene is tailor made for guys with a panty fetish. If you are searching for girls modeling their panties, you HAVE to get this scene. I have watched this scene and jerked off over it time and time again and still hasnt gotten old. It features Jassie, a gorgeous, fit, toned, sexy little thing going through the contents of her panty drawer and trying her panties on for us one by one. The thing that really makes this scene for me is how gorgeous Jassies’s beautiful, tight, round ass looks in a pair of tight panties. And when she runs her fingers between her panty covered ass crack… ORGASMIC!

Click on Jassie to see her model her panties!

Jassies, Teen, Pink Thong, Panty Fetish

And here is what has to say about this panty fetish scene from Jassie:

Jassie files through her drawer of panties and tries them all on for you to inspect them and observe the way they follow the contours of her extra curvy ass. Her butt looks especially nice hanging out of her pink booty shorts that cover only half of her cheeks. With every pair of panties Jassie poses standing over your face and lying the bed. She frequently massages her butt crack with her hand, rubbing her panties up her crack!

I read that, and all I can say is WOW!

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