Office Cutie Upskirt – Sitting on Desk Flashing her Panties

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Ever since I have started working in an office, I have had fantasies about office girls’ panties. Every office has them, the cute twenty something office secretaries or personal assistants or whatever the hell the politically correct term is for them these days. They come to work in their tight skirts, thigh high stockings and high heels and sit around on their desk gossiping and talking about their weekends and what guy they are fucking. Being the pervert that I am, I always try to get a look up their skirts to see what kind of panties they are wearing. There is one office cutie, I will call her Julie, who always wears shorts skirts to work. Even in the dead of winter. And here is the kicker, she KNOWS that I love catching upskirt views of her and checking out her panties. We have an unspoken agreement of sorts. From where I sit, I can see her desk. In the afternoons, she sits on her desk and chats on the phone, while on the phone, she always keeps her legs slightly apart. Just enough so that I can get a good look up her skirt and see her panties. She has a huge panty collection. Everything from pink booty shorts to black thongs to tiny g-strings that barely cover her pussy mound. She doesn’t do anything. She just sits on her desk, with her legs slightly open, knowing that I staring at her legs, up her skirt and right at her panty covered crotch. Why does she does it? I don’t know. I can only assume that she is somewhat of an exhibhitionist and gets turned on by flashing her panties. So, when I saw this awesome set of the very sexy Karla Spice sitting on her desk and flashing her panties, I immediately thought of Julie. The short skirt, long tanned legs and tiny little panties! I thought that same thing I do when I look at Julie every day, I want to spread her beautiful legs wide open and bury my face in her soft, fragrant panties.

Check out Karla Spice the naughty Office Assistant flashing Her panties HERE.

Candid Upskirt Of Teen Blonde With No Panties Sitting On Park Bench

It is a warm, summer day and you are just taking a stroll in the park, enjoying all the local lovelies in their short skirts, tight jeans shorts or booty shorts and short, stomach baring tops. Check out that young, blond, teen over there sitting on the grass. She is laying on her stomach in a short skirt. Her legs are spread and you can see all they way up her skirt. It looks like she is wearing a tiny, white thong. You want to get a closer look at her white panties, but her friends sitting right next to her. You want a close up of her teen panties, damn that is hot! Forget it, you walk some more.

Then you see her. An adorable blonde hottie sitting on the park bench in a white skirt and green top that barely covers her big, firm breasts. As you walk by, you notice that her legs are slightly apart and you can get a clear upskirt view. Very nice. Maybe, just maybe she isn’t wearing any panties. Hmmm.. why is this hot blonde sitting in the park in a short skirt and no panties. You decide to walk back and see if you get another candid upskirt view. YES! You were right. This blonde babe is not wearing any panties! This time you get a clear upskirt view of her shaved pussy as you walk by her pretending to stare at something behind her. Did she see you looking up her skirt? Maybe she was flashing her shaved pussy at you? After ten minutes of thinking about her, you decide to walk by her again. This time she notices you coming and just as you walk by she opens her leg wide and flashes her shaved, pink pussy right at you. She smiles.

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You try to smile, but you can’t take your eyes away from her shaved pussy under her skirt. Her pussy lips look big and suckable. You imagine yourself getting on your knees between her legs, spreading her legs wide open, putting your head under her skirt and licking her pussy till she screams for you to stop.

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White Thong Under See Through White Skirt, Black G-Gstring Whaletail

Today was a great day for pantie hunting! With the weather hotter than it’s been for a long time, the girls were definitely doing their part in helping me out with my thong watching. The first one today was a teen hottie who was walking in front of me with her boyfriend. She had a nice round butt that looked awesome in a pair of low rise tight jeans. But of course what made it so special was her black g-string peeking out from the back of her jeans. That was a perfect whale tail! The tiny string of her panties disappearing between the cheeks of her round ass. I had a hard on for the next hour as I thought about her tight round teen butt in a g string. The next one and my favourite was totally HOT blonde in a white cotton dress. Her dress was slightly see through the way white dresses usually are. And underneath her white dress she was wearing the cutest pair of white g-string panties you could imagine. She had a beautiful round ass and I could see her entire g-string panty through her white dress. The waistband and then the white string of her g-string going down between the crack of her round butt!

After watching those panties today, I was in the mood for my “go to” site. I wanted to see girls in panties doing naughty things like rubbing a guy’s dick over their pantie covered pussies. And then taking off their panties, wrapping it around a guy’s dicks and jerking him off. did not disappoint. The hot Jayna was just what I was looking for, as she teased in her see through panties, then pulled the guys’ dick inside her panties and jerked him off all over her panty covered ass! I needed that!

Teen ass in see through panties panty covered teen ass with dick inside her panties

See Jayna Give a Panty Job in Her Wet Cum Covered See Through Panties 

We All Love Victorias Secret Underwear But…

Call me old fashioned, I think that Victorias’ Secret Signature Thongs look a lot better on a barely legal teen with a hot, tight ass than they do on me, or any other guy for that matter. So, I was quite amused when I caught this story about a guy exposing himself to staff in a Victorias’ Secret store in Vermont. Here is an excerpt of the story.. LOL.

RUTLAND, Vt. (AP) — A man who police say exposed himself to two Victoria’s Secret store clerks while trying on women’s underwear faces two felony counts and a misdemeanor charge of retail theft. Police say Robert K. Scott, 47, went twice to the lingerie store in the Diamond Run Mall in April and May.

Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Cross wrote in a sworn statement that Scott went to the store on April 22 and told a female clerk he wanted to try on some lingerie and panty hose.”Scott asked her to stay close by while he was in the dressing room,” Cross wrote,” adding that ”Scott then had her look at him to see how the items looked on him.” When she looked, ”she could tell he had no underwear on.”

Scott then opened the door, wearing a white top, red heels and no underwear, exposing himself to her, Cross wrote. The clerk said Scott made no attempt to cover himself, the affidavit stated.

Cross escorted Scott to the sheriff’s office at the mall, pat-searched him and found him still to be wearing white underwear with a Victoria’s Secret security tag attached.

Alright guys, let us leave the panty wearing to the girls, they do it best. Here are some examples of my favourite models in Victorias Secret panties. Robert Scott, these are for you. Well, not really.. LOL.

ALS Model Adele in wet Victorias Secret Signature Thong

Sweet Adri in red VS thong party.

Phil Flash cutie Kristi in a white Victoria Secret thong.

Princess Blueyez in VS “Flirt” thong.

Hopefully that will erase any images of Robert Scott in a white VS thong!

Mall Cutie in White Thong Teasing Panty Upskirt

The weather is finally starting to really feel like SUMMER! And we know what summer means? Well, of course summer is always a good time to look for that summer lover or maybe “summer lust‘? Personally, I think lust is under rated. We should celebrate lust, the same way we do love. You know whose fault it is? I blame those damn feminists. They have tried to curb our natural male sexuality and turn us all into girly men. They almost make us feel ashamed for lusting after tight, young, fully grown female bodies. Why? I think as men we should not be ashamed of being attracted to a hot, young specimen of female beauty. It is what just comes naturally to us.

Anyway, enough of my rant. Summer is also the time for those short, summer skirts, booty shorts, and short shorts. It is the best time to see as much female flesh as possible. Summer is also the best time for voyeurs, with all those upskirt panty peeks and candid thong views.  And so there I am sitting in the mall minding my own business and I look up and see a cutie, probably around 19 years old in a short jean skirt standing very close to railing. Well, from my vantage point on the lower level where I am siting and enjoying a coffee, I get a clear upskirt view of this college coed. Her slim, tanned legs, the bottom of her ass cheeks, the thong between her ass and the crotch of her cute little white thong. Now, this was not a fleeting upskirt view. Oh no. She was standing there talking to a friend who worked at the stall. She must have stood there for a good 15 minutes, and I swear she looked down more than once and noticed me looking. But, she made absolutely no effort to move! She must have known that I was sitting down there with a hard on, drinking my coffee as I looked up her skirt and admired her panties and ass!

Fired Over Wicked Weasel Photos?

Now some of you might have seen my earlier posts about Wicked Weasel panties. They make absolutely the smallest, tiniest, g-strings, thongs and bikinis. The barely cover the girls pussy mound and show off her pussy lips and cameltoe beautifully. You can check out a couple of the models in Wicked Weasel Panties Here..

Anyway, I caught this story on A guy(Martin Sheville) was fired for having Wicked Weasel photos on his office computer!

Here is the story:

Martin Sheville worked for America West as a load planner, calculating aircraft weights and balances, from October 1995 to December 2004. He agreed to the usual corporate boilerplate about not using his company PC for anything “sexual in nature.”

But Sheville circulated racy e-mail messages to co-workers and one supervisor, including “Five Ways to Hypnotize a Man,” depicting a voluptuous woman gyrating her naked breasts in five different directions. Another was “How to Get Men to Read the Sexual Harassment Policy,” depicting a woman in a translucent tank top with, as the judge would later stress, “her nipples visible.”

The irony was not lost on America West, which promptly investigated its employee for violations of the company’s sexual-harassment policy. The probe unearthed a smoking gun: an e-mail in Sheville’s in-box from two years earlier titled “Wicked Weasel,” showing scantily clad women with nipples, pubic hair and genitalia visible. (Wicked Weasel is an Australian manufacturer of skimpy bikinis. It is unclear from the court opinion whether the clothing in question was being worn, removed or somewhere in between.)

After scrutinizing the “Wicked Weasel” image and other incriminating evidence, America West fired Sheville and the employee who had sent him the contraband. The airline also disciplined five other employees–but did not fire them–because their e-mail messages “did not contain frontal nudity.

Martin, if you are reading this, hang in there! They just don’t understand us. If I was your boss and I had seen pictures of Wicked Weasel bikinis on your computer, I would have promoted you!

Office Upskirt Fantasies

The weather is getting warmer and the 19 year old interns’ skirts are getting shorter. It happens every year! While the prospect of seeing Elaine, our little blonde intern in a short skirt showing off her smooth legs still tanned from her spring break in Mexico makes going into work a lot more enjoyable, it also makes it a lot harder to concentrate! It doesnt help that her desk is a few metres away from me and while I cant see what is going on under her desk(unfortunately!), I do get a good glimpse of her upper thighs every time she pushes her chair out and gets up. I have managed to get quite a few upskirt views, but unfortunately I still have not caught a glimpse of her panties! She has the most beautiful, long, tanned legs and perfect round butt that just fits into your hands.

I think it would be an understatement to say that I have spent many hours fantasizing about what panties she wears into work. What kind of panties do 19 year olds wear these days? Today she had on a pleated white skirt and open sandals. She spent a lot of time talking on the phone and giggling. I couldn’t help wondering if she was talking to her boyfriend, maybe slipping her hand up her skirt and touching herself through her panties, under her skirt! Maybe she is walking around the office with her tiny panties all wet from her horny coversation with her man. Now, what if I was under that desk of hers, with her tiny pink g-string pulled aside, licking on her shaved pussy lips and fingering her pussy while she talked to her guy?

I asked her today what her favourite colour was and she said, “Ummm.. why are you gonna buy me something?.. Pink and Black”. I was gonna tell her that yeah, I wanted to buy her a pink g-string that I wanted her to wear to work! But, I thought better of it. I still value my job! Well, at least in my mind, she is wearing a pink g-string wet from her juices.

Come on guys, don’t tell me you haven’t fantasized about what type of panties your office cutie is wearing! It is one of the few things that keeps our boring office jobs more exciting!