Russian Teen in Cotton Panties


Seeing as we are already talking about girls pulling their panties aside, I thought I would throw another one in to the mix. Here we have a blonde Russian teen, name unknown, probably Nastya (aren’t they all called that?), getting a little excited, as she spreads those perfect thighs open and shows off a pair of cotton bikini panties, which she then pulls to one side to give us a glimpse of her smooth, pink, shaved pussy. Hiding right behind that wet, panty crotch is her tight, little asshole.

Before we know it, Grace, which as I find out is the name has given her, has those candystripe panties pulled down to her ankles and two fingers jammed right inside that delicious teen pussy of hers.

Lola Upshorts Pink and White Panty Peek

There are upskirt views and there are shots like these, what would be correct term for a view like this? An upshorts view? Is there such a term? I have seen views like this before, usually in the summer, sitting in a park, a girl wearing shorts a few feet away decides to move her legs and crotch of her shorts falls wide open revealing a beautiful panty peek. I have seen some beautiful panty covered pussy mounds that way. Here Lola is not giving us a full on shot of her panty crotch, but the pretty panties peeking out from the side of the leg of her shorts look absolutely adorable. They look like pink and white cotton panties. I am sure they are soaked with her teen pussy juices and smell and taste delicious.

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Georgia Jones Tight Teen Ass in White Lace See Through Panties

One day when I become rich, I am going to buy a house with a view. And not just any view, sure it might be next to the beach and have a ocean view or something. But, that is not what I am talking about. After all staring at the ocean can get boring after a while. The kind of view I am talking about is the view in this picture! Yes, a view of tight, round panty covered asses over my face! I am going to hire girls with firm, round butts and makes them wear tight panties and walk around the house. Then I am going to lay on the floor with my camera in one hand and my dick in the other and have them walk all around me, so I can video and stare at their panty covered asses all day. When they get tired, I will ask them to sit down and rest their panty covered butts on my face while I rub my face into their panties! Is that an awesome fantasy or what! This round teen ass in tight, white, lace see through panties belongs to Georgia Jones. Those panties stretched across her butt cheeks show off that ass wonderfully. And the angle of the shot is just perfect. Just the view I would want before she sat down on my face wearing those panties. Her panty crotch looks absolutely delicious. I am sure it is soaked and wet with her teen, pussy juices.

Close of Teen Ass in Tight White Panties

Close Up of Teen Ass in Tight White Panties

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Teen Pulls Her White Thong Up Between Her Shaved Pussy Lips

Today’s pretty teen in a thong is Irene from Irene starts off in a short blue skirt on the couch, flashing us with her lacy, white thong. We get some good upskirt views where Irene teases us with her panties on. Irene has an incredible tight, teen body with firm boobs, a flat stomach and sexy teen ass. As Irene gets more into the photo shoot she pulls the panties right up tight between her shaved pussy lips so that the crotch of her panties is wedged up in her pussy. It is a great view of her shaved pussy lips spilling out on either side of her panties. The fun doesn’t stop there of course as Irene continues to floss her pussy and ass with the crotch of her panties. Eventually Irene decides that she has teased us enough as she pulls her thong down to her thighs and let us have a good look at her delicious shaved little pussy.

Teen Pulls Lacy White Thong Up Between Her Pussy Lips

Teen Pulls Lacy White Thong Up Between Her Pussy Lips

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Round Teen Ass in White VS Cotton Panties

Our favourite teen from, Nicole is showing off her cute, white Victorias Secret cotton thong panties from their Pink collection. Maybe she got a whole bunch of new Victorias Secret panties from Christmas and she is trying each one on for us. One thing we do know about Nicole is that she loves tight panties, specially tight Victorias Secret panties. And that is what we love about Nicole. We love that she likes to show off that perfect, round ass of hers in the cutest Victorias Secret panties. She seems to have quite a collection of VS bikini panties and thongs. Here she is in black, cotton VS panties and in this great shot she is showing off her ass in some tight pink cotton panties. Mostly she wears tight bikini panties that stretch across her teen ass, but today she is wearing a cute, white cotton thong. What ever panties she decides to wear, that panty ass of her looks absolutely delicious.

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Sexy Teen in White Cotton Panties

Sexy Teen in White Cotton Panties

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Naughty Schoolgirl Lifts Up Her Skirt and Flashes her White Panties

This is Victoria Sweet. Except that other than her name she is not that sweet at all. In fact, she is rather naughty. And that is just fine because we just love it when schoolgirls go bad, lift up their short plaid skirts and flash their sexy, white cotton panties for us. And that is exactly what Victoria Sweet is doing. She starts off looking very innocent in a black and white plaid skirt, black heels and black top. But then when she sits down on the chairs she decides that she wants to be an exhibhitionist and she lifts up her skirt to show us her white, lace g-string thong. She even pulls the panties up between her pussy, so the string of the panties is flossing her sweet shaved teen pussy. She then lifts up her legs and gives us this beautiful view of the panty string up between her sweet teen ass and the white cotton crotch of her panties barely covering those shaved teen pussy lips.

Watch Victoria Sweet Flash Her Tiny G-String Panties and Show You Up her Skirt.

Met-Art Hottie Iveta B in Pink G-string Panties

Iveta B from Met-Art is one of my favourite models these days. I love everything about her. She is as close to perfection as I have seen and I look at a LOT of pictures of naked girls! So, when I saw that beautiful ass of hers in a sexy, pink g-string thong, I knew that I had to share it with all of you. Iveta B has what I think is a near perfect butt. And as is obvious, she has great taste in underwear. Imagine spreading her ass cheeks open and getting close up to that g-string pantie between her ass as it barely covers that pretty pink asshole of hers. I could spend all day licking Iveta’s sweet shaved pussy through the crotch of her sexy pink g-string panties.

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Sexy Teen Shows Her Thong Covered Ass and Shaved Pussy

When it comes to teens in thongs, there are not too many sites out there that understand this niche better than First off, these girls really are teens, at PrettyLilpanties you are not going to get some 40 year olds dressed up in school girl skirts and pigtails and pretending to be teens. No, these girls are young, barely legal and they are hot! The next thing is the thongs themselves. The thongs that these girls wear are adorable. I don’t know where they get them from, but their panties are adorable. And finally there is the photography. The pictures are high resolution, clear and close up.

I don’t know how those photographers do it, but if it were me, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from dropping to my knees and licking the crotch of those panties. Damn the photographs! That thong and that shaved pussy hiding underneath looks delicious!

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Upskirt Model Shows Her Wet, Worn Panties

One of my biggest complaints about a lot of these panty fetish sites is that they really don’t seem to understand this niche. For example, the panties that all the girls wear are all so clean and dry! It looks like they have just put taken the tags off the panties and given them to the model to the wear. What is wrong with the girl modeling in her own panties? As long as the panties don’t look old and tattered with holes in them, I think having the model just come in and model the panties she was wearing on the street would be very sexy! I want to see her panty crotch, I want to see how her worn panties are wet with her pussy juices. After all, isn’t that what a panty fetish is all about? The girl’s panties off her body, all wet and dirty with the juices from her horny pussy?? When a girl pulls her panties aside to show us her pussy, what is wrong with showing us more of her panty crotch? And there are sites that go the other way. They wet the whole panties, as though we are to believe that the girl wearing those panties soaked those entire panties with her pussy juices. I think there are girls that do genuinely get turned on while having their pictures taken and it would be awesome to see some panties soaked by her real pussy juices! Here is an example of what I am talking about. I want more pictures like this!

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This is Viva from in an upskirt view of her wet, worn panties. This looks authentic. It is her actual pussy juices that are making her panties like that. If you look closely, and I am sure you are, you will see the panties are soaked around her pussy hole where her pussy juices leak out from and up and down her wet pussy lips. Now THAT is what I am talking about. I love stuff like this!

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Office Cutie Upskirt – Sitting on Desk Flashing her Panties

Office Girl Panties, Upskirt, White Panties, Thong, Secretary Upskirt 

Ever since I have started working in an office, I have had fantasies about office girls’ panties. Every office has them, the cute twenty something office secretaries or personal assistants or whatever the hell the politically correct term is for them these days. They come to work in their tight skirts, thigh high stockings and high heels and sit around on their desk gossiping and talking about their weekends and what guy they are fucking. Being the pervert that I am, I always try to get a look up their skirts to see what kind of panties they are wearing. There is one office cutie, I will call her Julie, who always wears shorts skirts to work. Even in the dead of winter. And here is the kicker, she KNOWS that I love catching upskirt views of her and checking out her panties. We have an unspoken agreement of sorts. From where I sit, I can see her desk. In the afternoons, she sits on her desk and chats on the phone, while on the phone, she always keeps her legs slightly apart. Just enough so that I can get a good look up her skirt and see her panties. She has a huge panty collection. Everything from pink booty shorts to black thongs to tiny g-strings that barely cover her pussy mound. She doesn’t do anything. She just sits on her desk, with her legs slightly open, knowing that I staring at her legs, up her skirt and right at her panty covered crotch. Why does she does it? I don’t know. I can only assume that she is somewhat of an exhibhitionist and gets turned on by flashing her panties. So, when I saw this awesome set of the very sexy Karla Spice sitting on her desk and flashing her panties, I immediately thought of Julie. The short skirt, long tanned legs and tiny little panties! I thought that same thing I do when I look at Julie every day, I want to spread her beautiful legs wide open and bury my face in her soft, fragrant panties.

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