Redhead in See Thru Panties Upskirt

Here is something to satisfy any panty lover. Let’s see what we have here, a hot redhead in a short skirt, who is opening up her long legs to show off her tight, see through panties. And a close look at this upskirt picture reveals something even more intriguing. This model has managed to get a pussy stain on the crotch of her tight white panties. Yep, there is no mistaking the spot where her pussy juices have seeped out into the fabric of her tight thong.

For those of you that are into names, this redhead goes by the name of Justine Joli. She is well know for her pouting lips, the ones on her face you perverts, her smouldering eyes, and of course her flaming red hair. Here she is doing her thing at

Bubble Butt Teen Sells Her Worn Panties


Some days I REALLY love this hobby. So, here I am minding my own business when I was contacted by this adorable 18 year old with the most beautiful ass I have seen in a long time. I saw the picture she sent me and all I could think about was burying my face in her beautiful panty covered ass. But, it got better! She told me that she had just started selling her worn panties. And I thought, hmmm.. well guess what, I get a lot of guys coming to my site who would just love to get their hands on a cute teen’s well worn delicious panties. And what’s more, Michelle actually gets off knowing what we do with her panties. Yep, the thought of us pervs smelling her delicious little panties actually gets Michelle wet. So, who wants to get Michelle even wetter than she already is?! I definitely do, and as a matter of fact I have already ordered a pair of Michelle’s sweet  little panties. I can’t wait for them to get here!

By the way guys, just so you know, this girl is 100% real. I have checked her out, talked to her and she passes the Panty Hunter authenticity test. I am not going to lead my loyal readers astray, you can be sure of that.

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Blonde Teen Cameltoe Pussy in Cotton Thong Panties


If you like fresh young, barely legal teens, you are going to love Kimi. Not only is she fresh, so her site, just launched, actually it is in pre-launch, But, I am giving you fellow panty lovers first peek at her thong covered teen ass. Actually it starts off being bootyshorts and thong covered. Kimi is wearing two panties for some reason, maybe she is just shy? Nahhh.. this is the girl who spread open her creamy pussy as Alexa at not too long ago. Once everyone has seen closeups of her wet open pussy hole, there is not much to be shy about anymore. But here is a thought for you guys, now we have seen how juiced up her pussy gets, imagine that pussy cream on that thong she is wearing here.. hmmm.. what do you guys think? Is that hot or what?! Could the reason why she actually had to to wear two panties in this scene have something to do with her leaking pussy? Maybe just one panty crotch is not enough to catch all the juices that flow out of her pussy when she is doing a photoshoot. After all, we have already seen how much she gets turned on. The first layer up against her pussy is that tiny thong, after it absorbs as much girly cream as possible, the pussy juices start to wet those bootyshorts. At least that is my theory.

Or it could just be that Kimi is a panty freak like the rest of us and couldn’t decide which ones to wear on the day of the shoot, so she put on both pairs. I don’t mind, we get to see her in bootyshorts first and then a thong, that is two panties for the price of one shoot, I quite like that deal. Anyway, here we are, one of the first sites on the internet to give you this blonde teen and her new site Thanks for the kisses Kimmie, but can I kiss you back? On that pretty, little panty covered pussy?? Right about where I see that thong forming a cameltoe between your shaved pussy lips?

Upskirt Teen Panty Ass in See Through Panties


And what do we have here? It looks like a barely legal teen in a short red dress bent over the table. But, why does she have her dress up around her waist like that? Because she wants to show us her panty covered ass of course. When it comes to panties, I am an equal opportunity fetishist. Some guys only go for teens in thongs, others don’t want to see girls in anything else but g-strings. The real panty purists want girls in bikini panties, very much like the ones that Eve from is wearing in this panty picture. Me, I like the girls to have a full collection of underwear. They can even change their panties a few times a day, just to keep things interesting. How many of you guys sneak a peak through a girl’s panty drawer when you first start dating. I know I do it. When the girl goes to the bathroom to clean up after sex or if I know she is going to be away for a few minutes, I go straight for the underwear drawer to see what kind of panty collection she keeps. If I am in a particularly daring mood, I will look for the dirty laundry hamper and see where she has left her worn panties. If she gets the crotch of her panties nice and juicy with her pussy juices, then I reckon the girl is a keeper.

I think Eve, our panty teen here is going to have a quite a juicy panty crotch after she is done with this shoot. Look at the way she is fingering her pussy with through the crotch of her see through panties. That panty crotch must be going deep into her wet, teen pussy and soaking up her tasty pussy juices. I wonder if the guy who films these scenes gets to keep the model’s panties after the shoot. If I was him I would make that part of the contract. After the shoot, you leave your wet, worn panties with me!

Ria Gives a Panty Job in Shiny Pink Satin Panties


Ria is such a naughty little panty girl. She knows how to tease us in her little panties and cute outfits. She joins us in her short pleated skirt, all perky and bubbly,  just what you would expect from a young girl her age. But, they turns into this naughty, irresistible little panty seductress. It turns out that Ria has much of a fetish flashing her panties and modeling different kinds of underwear as we do watching her do it. She starts off in a little see through pair. As she lifts up her skirt to show off her panties, her pussy mound is somewhat visible through her panties. She teases us in her see through panties before she decides to put another pair of panties for the main moment. This time she choses a red satin bikini pair that she puts on. It does look quite stunning on her round, firm butt. She sits down in the guy’s lap and takes his cock and rubs it between her satin ass cheeks and panty crotch. But, of course, that is not enough for this little panty vixen. She wants him to stick his dick inside her panties and rub it against her pussy lips while she has her panties on. The guy of course obliges her.  I don’t want to give the whole plot away, but you need to check out to see what Ria does next with her panty ass.

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Hannah’s Shaved Honeypot Pussy in a Satin Blue Thong

OK, I am gonna be honest here, Hannah’s Honeypot is not purely a panty fetish site. In fact it is not a panty fetish site at all. However, Hannah is a slim, adorable, blonde teen spinner who makes my dick hard. Hannah’s Honeypot is a site all about this blonde cutie and her delicious shaved, teen pussy. But, what is it about her that got me so excited? Well, seeing that shaved honeypot of hers covered in the cutest blue thong that looks obviously soaked with her sweet pussy juices. Hannah is probably a lot cuter than many models I have found on a lot of panty sites.

Imagine a cute, blonde school girl bending over, lifting up her skirt and showing you what kind of thong is covering her hot, little, teen pussy. THAT is Hannah’s Honeypot.

Lots more of Hannah’s sweet, teen pussy covered in a soft, sexy thong right HERE!

Sarah Palin Upskirts and Sarah Palin White Thong Panties

It looks like some of you MILF hunters out there have a thing for Sarah Palin the VP candidate and searching for Sarah Palin upskirt pictures and photos of Sarah Palin in her panties. Now, in order to help you guys out, I have been scouring google for Sarah Palin upskirts and trying to find out if there are panty slips or voyeur pictures of Sarah Palin in her panties. But, I am disappointed to inform you guys that I have not found anything out there. Sure there are a lot of Sarah Palin fakes and photoshopped pictures of Sarah Palin having sex and flashing her panties, but there do not seem to be any authentic Sarah Palin upskirt photos anywhere to be found! The closest I have come to finding any Sarah Palin uspskirts are shots like these, of her legs in high heel shoes. These seem to have been labeled “Sarah Palin Upskirts” by the media and their is some controversy about these types of pictures being sexist. Honestly, I dont see what the fuss is about. It is a picture taken through Sarah Palin’s legs, not up her skirt. So, I am not sure why this is called a Sarah Palin upskirt!

Sarah Palin Upskirt, Sarah Palin Legs, Sarah Palin in high heels, Sarah Palin in skirt

Actually what I find the most amusing about this picture is the looks on the faces of the two guys in the front row wearing pink(?!) McCain/Palin t-shirts! It is almost like their eyes are popping out of their heads as they look up at Sarah Palin in rapt admiration! Now, I am just wondering, maybe it is these two guys that managed to get a look up Sarah Palin’s skirt? And that is why this is called a Sarah Palin upskirt picture? Who knows?! LOL.

Now as for Sarah Palin’s panties, there does not seem to any information out there either about what kind of panties Sarah Palin wears. After all, she did go on that $150,000 shopping spree, so she must have gotten some high class undies to wear under those $10K skirts. Wearing panties from Wal-Mart while you have on an Italian designer skirt and jacket is not exactly the height of fashion. So, is she wearing La Perla or some other fancy European brand? No idea. But a search for Sarah Palin’s panties does bring up this thong with a picture of Sarah Palin on it. Not exactly what you are looking for, I am sure, but that is all that I came up with.

sarah palin thong, sarah palin panties, white cotton thong

So, if you really want Sarah Palin panties, along with some pussy juice, have a wife or girlfriend or favourite escort wear those Sarah Palin Panties for you while you eat her pussy through her panties.

Tiny Black Thong Between Shaved Pussy Lips

What can we say about the gorgeous Megan Summers. This set of her luscious round ass with a tiny thong wedged between her cheeks and her meaty pussy lips spilling out of the sides is quite a sight.

Click the picture to see more of that delicious panty covered pussy.
Megan Summers in a tiny black thong

Megan Summers really is the whole package. She has the look of innocence matched with an incredible sultry sensuality. Her site features up close shots of her firm, teen ass and beautiful suckable pussy lips. I can almost taste her from here.

I absolutely love the way the string of her thong or is it a g-string(?) is barely covering her pretty little asshole. Now, I don’t know about you guys but I myself think her pink asshole is ready for a real licking. Tossed salad anyone?!

Here is all of Megan Summers fine ass in that almost non existent thong.

Tips for you Single Panty Hunters

Spring is the air, and I don’t know about you guys, but the warmer weather always seems to have the effect of making me more horny. So, for you single guys out there, in between panty hunting and trying to catch those upskirt panty views or thong peeks, I think we should go out and find ourselves some real pussy!

One of the hardest aspects about meeting a woman is the first approach. Actually, I think that is probably THE biggest stumbling block. You see a hot girl and you just freeze. But, after you start a conversation with her, you begin to realize, “hey, it is not that bad after all”. What I have found is that it is best not to over think the approach. If you see a girl, you are interested in just go for it. Jump in there. Pick a situational opener. Talk about something that is around both of you. Maybe the line is taking forever. Or she is wearing something unique that you can comment on. Actually, the simplest thing to do is just say “Hello”. Maybe for those of you having a hard time approaching a woman cold, just start with a smile and “Hello”. Do that a few times a day and see how much better you feel. After that, you will be ready to actually start building a conversation.

Have fun out there. And keep hunting for those panties while you are at it!

I am in a Wicked Mood Today

OK, maybe I should clarify. I am in a Wicked Weasel mood today. If you haven’t heard about Wicked Weasel, they are a company that makes the absolute tiniest bikinis, panties and thongs you can find. A lot of the popular websites use WickedWeasel stuff during their shoots. If you can’t recognize them by how tiny the panties and bras are, you will know them by the label on the outside. I think they are the ones that pioneered the thongs with the seam down middle of the front of the panties. If you haven’t seen this, the seam basically goes down between the pussy lips separating them and what you get is a beautiful cameltoe.

This is a very cute teen from the UK who goes by the name of Katie, from As you can see that tiny bikini really doesn’t cover much at all. In fact, that tiny bikini bottom is having a hard time covering Katies entire pussy mound. But, that is how we like it!

Click the picture for more
Katie models a tiny wicked weasel micro bikini

Now here is a hot brunette teen from her site Unfortunately she is not really “my” Mary Anne. I wish.. sigh. But, at least we can get a chance to admire this cute dutch teen as she models in a tiny, green Wicked Weasel bikini.

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Dutch teen in tight wicked weasel micro bikini

I love the way those bikini panties fit so tightly around that plump pussy of hers. That view of her pussy mound covered by the Wicked Weasel thong looks good enough to eat.