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If you like fresh young, barely legal teens, you are going to love Kimi. Not only is she fresh, so her site, just launched, actually it is in pre-launch, But, I am giving you fellow panty lovers first peek at her thong covered teen ass. Actually it starts off being bootyshorts and thong covered. Kimi is wearing two panties for some reason, maybe she is just shy? Nahhh.. this is the girl who spread open her creamy pussy as Alexa at not too long ago. Once everyone has seen closeups of her wet open pussy hole, there is not much to be shy about anymore. But here is a thought for you guys, now we have seen how juiced up her pussy gets, imagine that pussy cream on that thong she is wearing here.. hmmm.. what do you guys think? Is that hot or what?! Could the reason why she actually had to to wear two panties in this scene have something to do with her leaking pussy? Maybe just one panty crotch is not enough to catch all the juices that flow out of her pussy when she is doing a photoshoot. After all, we have already seen how much she gets turned on. The first layer up against her pussy is that tiny thong, after it absorbs as much girly cream as possible, the pussy juices start to wet those bootyshorts. At least that is my theory.

Or it could just be that Kimi is a panty freak like the rest of us and couldn’t decide which ones to wear on the day of the shoot, so she put on both pairs. I don’t mind, we get to see her in bootyshorts first and then a thong, that is two panties for the price of one shoot, I quite like that deal. Anyway, here we are, one of the first sites on the internet to give you this blonde teen and her new site Thanks for the kisses Kimmie, but can I kiss you back? On that pretty, little panty covered pussy?? Right about where I see that thong forming a cameltoe between your shaved pussy lips?

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I am a big fan of girls in white panties. There is just something about white panties that says innocence. But when you take those white panties and make them into a thong or a g-string or maybe see through panties, you have an explosive combination, innocence combined with raw sexuality. After white panties, my next favourite panty colour for girls has to be pink panties. They are just so feminine, so girly, a girl in pink panties is adorable and sexy at the same time. But, let us get back to white panties. Here is a picture of a model in white panties that leave her pussy lips exposed. You don’t see her naked pussy under the panties, but those pussy lips spilling out of her white panties makes for a delicious sight.

White Panties Upskirt

White Panties Upskirt

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