Lola Upshorts Pink and White Panty Peek

There are upskirt views and there are shots like these, what would be correct term for a view like this? An upshorts view? Is there such a term? I have seen views like this before, usually in the summer, sitting in a park, a girl wearing shorts a few feet away decides to move her legs and crotch of her shorts falls wide open revealing a beautiful panty peek. I have seen some beautiful panty covered pussy mounds that way. Here Lola is not giving us a full on shot of her panty crotch, but the pretty panties peeking out from the side of the leg of her shorts look absolutely adorable. They look like pink and white cotton panties. I am sure they are soaked with her teen pussy juices and smell and taste delicious.

Lola’s Delicious Panty Covered Pussy HERE