Tight Cotton Panties Cameltoe Upskirt Lesbians


If you are a panty lover, and I am guessing you are, then this lesbian duet in the park will tick a lot of boxes. Let us see, where do I even begin. I will start with the obvious, which is the upskirts in the park. Here we have not just one upskirt, but two for the price of one. Of course it helps immensely that they are both hot, little blondes, with the one on the right even going for the whole pigtails look. Incidentally, the blonde lesbian in panties on the right seems to the aggressor in this scenario. Look how she not only has her skirt unbuttoned and all the way up, she even has her top off, even though we can’t see her breasts in this picture. They are both wearing tight, cotton panties, with the one on the left in a white thong and her girlfriend in pink bikini panties.

Then, last but not least, as though, lesbian upskirts in tight cotton panties was not enough for you blow your wad, we have cameltoe! Damn, the lesbian in pink bikinis has her panty crotch going right up between her pussy lips, what I am sure are wet pussy lips, to form a nice little cameltoe. She is telling her girlfriend to rub her cameltoe through the soft cotton fabric. I am betting that if we pulled their panties aside and checked their crotches, the one on the left would have the juicier panties. I can almost smell her creamy girl juice soaked panty crotch from here.