Tennis Hottie Upskirt Flashing Pink Booty Shorts

Here is a budding tennis superstar getting ready to go out and practice her tennis strokes. Could she be the next Maria Sharapove or Anna Kournikova? Will male tennis viewership hit new peaks as they wait for her next upskirt or cameltoe? Maria Sharapova has done wonders for the popularity of tennis. And the reasons are no secret. Maria Sharapova likes flashing her panties. As a matter of fact, Maria Sharapova is quite partial to the kind of boyshorts that this tennis cutie is wearing. Hmm, I think I am going to have go and find myself some Maria Sharapova cameltoe pictures. I promise to post them up here in the future. But, for now, let us enjoy some views up this babes’s tennis skirt. If she does turn out to be the next Maria Sharapova, you can say that you saw her tennis panties up here first!

You have to admit, she does look adorable posing like that with her pleated tennis skirt around her waist, wearing her tennis shoes and white knee high socks as she shows off her panty covered ass. You have to wonder if Anna Kournikova had spent more of her time practising her tennis and less of it posing like this for Enrique Iglesias, she might have actually won a tennis tournament or two!

Tennis Cutie in a Short Skirt and Pink Booty Shorts

Tennis Cutie in a Short Skirt and Pink Booty Shorts

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